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Promat Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 - Go Green


Intumescent coating is gaining rapid acceptance with Singapore Projects. Water based Intumescent Coating has become more popular with project specifiers because of its Low V.O.C. nature, flexibility in meeting Architects and Engineers designing criteria, and achieving construction requirements. Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 is a popular choice in Singapore and Asian Countries and has gained even more recognition and support since obtaining Green Label Certification. Since its first Singapore p...Read more

Thermal moderating coatings HL470, HL470e and SunfleX


Thermal moderating coating can prevent condensation. They are much thinner and aesthetically presentable than traditional insulations that are either bulky, rigid, rough, thick messy and less presentable. With our thermal moderating systems sweating on your ceiling, wall and floor can be prevented completely, thus preventing your home and workplace from unwanted algae, fungus, molds and mildews infestation which can be a threat to health. Contact our sales team now to understand more about thermal moderating and how it can make your home and workplace more ...Read more

Intumex AX


Switch box fire is often neglected. Start protecting ourselves, assets, and valuable with Intumex AX, an intumescent solution design for all types of switch box. Download Intumex AX brochure and see how ......Read more

Potable Water Tank Lining, Permare EPW


For Potable Water Reservoirs & Containment Structures Permare® EPW has been developed specifically for potable water (drinking water) applications. It is a 'tropicalised' two component, seamless liquid system which combines the features of both epoxies and polysulphides to produce a coating with outstanding physical properties. The material cures to produce a tough, flexible coating especially suited to applications where abrasion and chemical resistance are required. Permare EPW has been used in many projects worldwide and Singapore projects like ...Read more

Marina Bay Sands Theatre Intumescent Coating


We are proud to announce that Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 has been selected for protecting more than 16,000m2 of structural steel members for the Theatres at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. Beside theatres, Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 is already in use for another 3,000m2 of steel structure for 1. Packages 3242 that consists of View Corridors Bridges and Large Canopies, 2. Package 8420 that consists of Lion Park Bridges and Cooling Towers 3. MICE facade structure 4. South Podium MICE steel columns 5. Casino Roof Structure...Read more

Innovente® Fire Protection
Fire Protection
Innovente® through its association with Promat provides technical advice and the application fire protection systems to suit the requirements of today's architects, engineers and consultants in their structural designs... Read more
Innovente Paints & Surface Coatings
Paints & Surface Coatings
Innovente® works with clients from the initial design to construction, the sharing of product knowledge, determining the type of surface preparation that is necessary and application techniques to meet the most demanding requirements... Read more
Innovente Waterproofing Systems
From the initial design phase, through foundation construction concluding with the wall and roof water proofing, Innovente provides developers with maintenance cost reduction by oritecting against subsequent water damage... Read more
Innovente Specialised Linings
Innovente® provides outstanding product knowledge and application experience so that each lining system suits the precise design purpose & therefore generates the highest potential in protection, performance and permanence for the structure.... Read more

Mission Statement
To be the leading provider of innovative, environmentally responsible solutions in paints and surface coatings, specialised linings, structural water proofing and fire protection for Architects, Developers and Main Contractors wanting to provide excellence in their design and construction activities.
Our Company and it's People
Innovente while a relatively new company, has been able to assemble some of the most experience technical personnel in Asia, to supply and install a wide range of international industry leading construction products that it represents and distributes in Singapore and the greater Asian region beyond.
Environmental Policy
Innovente is committed to enhancing its customer’s construction project with products, services and responsiveness that set industry standards for quality and value with continual focus on implementing green technology, allowing better workplace safety and a sustainable, healthier environment.
Quality Statement
The company relentlessly strives to be the best in every aspect of its business by fostering a culture of trust, teamwork, responsibility, high expectation and open communication with its employees, customers and suppliers.