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Specialised Linings

Linings are commonly used as the first line of defense when providing insulation and protection against unwanted conditions brought on by chemical, gas, noise, temperature and water.

Apart from the design of the lining system and material selection, there are also other constraints to consider like installation method, detailing, space, durability, etc.

Innovente has a range of lining solutions specifically designed for difficult conditions and requirements.

Specialised Linings

Innovente Specialised Linings are commonly used as the first line of defend in construction by providing insulation and protection against unwanted conditions brought on by undesirable chemicals, gases, noise, extreme temperatures and water.

Apart from designing the lining system and specifying material selection, there are many other constraints to consider like; installation method, detailing, space, and durability. Innovente has a wide range of market leading Specialised lining solutions specifically designed to satisfy the demands of difficult to extreme environments.

Apoxy HB Sealer by Innovente

Solvent-less Epoxy Primer - ApoxyTM HB Sealer a two component solvent-less clear epoxy primer for heavy duty epoxy and polyurethane screed and topping materials.

Apoxy NVE by Innovente

100% Resin Rich Novolac Epoxy Protective Tanking System - ApoxyTM NVE a 100% resin rich novolac epoxy tank lining system, providing excellent protection to concrete or steel tanks that require protection and resistance against thermal and chemical exposure. ApoxyTM NVE is an excellent choice of protective lining for such containment tanks.

Aquapoxy AC1000 Primer by Innovente

Anti-Corrosion Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer - Aquapoxy AC1000 Primer, low V.O.C. water based epoxy zinc phosphate primer designed to provide excellent rust inhibiting performance on metals.

Aquapoxy FG by Innovente

Free V.O.C. Food & Water Grade Water Base Epoxy - AquapoxyTM FG a free V.O.C. water-based epoxy coating/ lining designed for food, pharmaceutical and water treatment/processing industries. AquapoxyTM FG unique nano resin-composite structure forms a clean, strong, tough and waterproof protection.

Aquapoxy FGS by Innovente

Impregnating Water Base Epoxy Primer / Sealer - Aquapoxy FGS low viscosity free VOC water-based epoxy primer used as primer for various water base epoxy and polyurethane systems.

Aquathanes FG by Innovente

Free V.O.C. Food & Water Grade Water Base Polyurethane - AquathanesTM FG a free VOC water-based polyurethane coating designed to provide a durable and an easy to clean surface suitable for contact with drinking water, food and pharmaceutical processing plants. It is applicable for both indoor and outdoor use.

HL470 by Innovente

Energy Efficient Thermal-Moderating Coating - Anti-condensation and thermal moderating barrier

HL470e by Innovente

Energy Efficient Thermal-Moderating Floor Coating - HL470e a 100% resin rich and low V.O.C. self-leveling floor coating designed as an effective thermo moderating coating, functioning as an insulation medium to moderate temperature migration between coated structure and its environment.

Linabond by Linabond

Co-Lining SystemsTM - The Linabond Co-Lining System adds a new dimension to both protection and containment by combining the most desirable elements of different materials to provide a level of performance that was previously unattainable. The Systems have proven ideal for both new construction and rehabilitation of existing structures.

Permare EP by Stirling Lloyd

High Performance Epoxy Polysulphine Membrane - High performance epoxy polysulphine membrane

Permare EPW by Stirling Lloyd

High Performance Tanking And Lining System - high performance Tanking and Lining System




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