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Paints & Surface Coatings

Designing in a technology that provides an aesthetic appearance and protective function to a substrate is a challenge for the Architect, Engineer and Contractor alike.

In addition to colour selection and the determination of whether textured or non-textured finishes are required there are many properties to be considered in the specification of a paint and coating system. Weather and UV resistance, anti-carbonation requirements, thermal resistance and chemical corrosion are just some of many requirements that need to be carefully taken into account in selecting the correct system.

Whether the substrate is a floor, internal wall or façade of a building, selecting the correct paint and surface coating is critical, in order to provide the desired quality finish and protective properties that are commensurate with the design requirements.

Innovente is able to work with clients from the design to the construction phase, sharing product knowledge, determining the type of surface preparation necessary and the application techniques to meet the most demanding requirements.

Paints & Surface Coatings

As the construction industry continues to focus on green and sustainable construction products, Innovente is able to deliver a range of high performance low VOC polyurethanes and epoxies for applications onto such diverse substrates such as steel, concrete and timber. By putting emphasis on technological improvements and extended product life cycles, Innovente is able to provide and specify systems that are at the cutting edge of chemical development providing projects with the ultimate paint and coating solutions.

AS-28 Sealer by Innovente

Water-Based Hybrid Siloxane Sealer - AS-28 Sealer a free V.O.C. water-based hybrid siloxane sealer. It is designed as an effective penetrative sealer for various types of mineral and in-organic substrates.

Anti-Dust 500 by Innovente

Hybrid Resin Anti-Dust Coating - Anti-Dust 500 a free V.O.C. water-based hybrid resins coating designed for hospital, clean room, food, watervprocessing facilities and residential use. It is also use as “easy to clean coating” for both internal and external use.

Apoxthanes by Innovente

Elastomeric Polymerised Epoxy Coating - Apoxthanes™ a resin rich elastomeric polymerised epoxy with improved crack bridging function, resistance against chemicals, liquids & gases while maintaining hardness & toughness of an epoxy.

Apoxy 126 FS by Innovente

100% Resin Rich Fast Setting Epoxy Floor Coating - ApoxyTM 126 FS a 100% resins rich anti-skid epoxy floor coating that cures in 4 hours, reducing down time and disruption to user and businesses. It is an excellent choice of safe traffic flooring system.

Apoxy 126FS Sealer by Innovente

100% Resin Rich Epoxy Sealer - ApoxyTM 126FS Sealer is a 100% resin rich epoxy sealer design as bonding coat for various type of epoxy and epoxy modified systems. It cures within 4 hours that reduces downtime, disruption to users and businesses.

Apoxy HB Sealer by Innovente

Solvent-less Epoxy Primer - ApoxyTM HB Sealer a two component solvent-less clear epoxy primer for heavy duty epoxy and polyurethane screed and topping materials.

Apoxy NVE by Innovente

100% Resin Rich Novolac Epoxy Resin Protective Tanking System - ApoxyTM NVE a 100% resin rich novolac epoxy tank lining system, providing excellent protection to concrete or steel tanks that require protection and resistance against thermal and chemical exposure. ApoxyTM NVE is an excellent choice of protective lining for such containment tanks.

Aqua Meta-Etch by Innovente

Etch And De-rusting Solution - Aqua Meta-Etch is water soluble strong etching solution design for cleaning of rust, oxide and hydrocarbon deposits on ferrous and non ferrous metals including galvanised steel.

Aqua deRust Solution by Innovente

Neutral De-rusting Solution - Aqua deRust Solution is biodegradable, water soluble and ready-to-use rust removing solution. It is design for use on carbon steel, mild steel, ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Aqua-sportflor 15 by Innovente

Skid Resistant Sports Floor Coating System For Outdoor Use - AQUA-SPORTFLOR 15 features water based acrylic coating system with aggregate composite to provide a levelling, anti-abrasion, skid resistant floor lining for a wide range of sports and outdoor recreational uses.

Aquabactishield HM by Innovente

Anti– Bacteria Coating With Biostatic NANO Technology - Aqua BactishieldTM HM a water based anti-bacterial coating for hospital, clinic, schools and laboratory. Incorporating micronized silver ion technology, It reacts and eliminates range of bacteria upon contact.

Aquapoxy AC1000 Primer by Innovente

Anti-Corrosion Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer - Aquapoxy AC1000 Primer, low V.O.C. water based epoxy zinc phosphate primer designed to provide excellent rust inhibiting performance on metals.

Aquapoxy FG by Innovente

Free V.O.C. Food & Water Grade Water Base Epoxy - Aquapoxy FG a free V.O.C. water-based epoxy coating/lining designed for food, pharmaceutical and water treatment/processing industries. Aquapoxy FG unique nano resin-composite structure forms a clean, strong, tough and waterproof protection.

Aquapoxy FGS by Innovente

Impregnating Water Base Epoxy Primer / Sealer - Aquapoxy FGS low viscosity free VOC water-based epoxy primer used as primer for various water base epoxy and polyurethane systems.

Aquapoxy Screed by Innovente

Water Based Cement Screed / Patch Repair Mortar - AquapoxyTM Screed is a water-based epoxy screed and patch repair mortar. It provides excellent bond onto freshly cured concrete and act as a moisture barrier against rising floor moisture.

Aquathanes FG by Innovente

Free V.O.C. Food & Water Grade Water Base Polyurethane - AquathanesTM FG a free VOC water-based polyurethane coating designed to provide a durable and an easy to clean surface suitable for contact with drinking water, food and pharmaceutical processing plants. It is applicable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ebot-W by Innovente

Low V.O.C. Water Based Epoxy Bitumen Coating - Ebit-W is a 2 components, low V.O.C. water-based epoxy with bitumen extender designed as an anticorrosion coating over various types of substrate.

HL470 by Innovente

Energy Efficient Thermal-Moderating Coating - HL470 is a free V.O.C. water based acrylic coating, that is designed as an effective thermo-moderating coating to moderate temperature migration between coated structure and its environment. HL470 keeps building cool in warm climate and keep building warmth from cooling in cool climate. It helps reduce electrical consumption for air-conditioner and heater

HL470 Primer by Innovente

Water-Based Hybrid Siloxane Sealer - HL470 Primer a free V.O.C waterbased hybrid Siloxane sealer. It is designed as an effective penetrative sealer for various types of mineral and inorganic substrates.

HL470e by Innovente

Energy Efficient Thermal-Moderating Floor Coating - HL470e a 100% resin rich and low V.O.C. self-leveling floor coating designed as an effective thermo moderating coating, functioning as an insulation medium to moderate temperature migration between coated structure and its environment.

Inno Algikil by Innovente Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Algaecide/Fungicide (non Acidic) - Inno Algikil is ready to use water soluble algae and fungi cleaning detergent. It clean and extirpates algae and fungi spores on surfaces of building, windows, aluminium cladding, floors, tiles, etc.

Inno Aluclean Protects by Innovente Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Mineral & Silicone Base Aluminum Protective Layer - Inno Aluclean Protect is ready-to-use concentrated protective layer that provides excellent gloss and shine on cleaned aluminium surfaces. It is easy to apply and provide instant protection.

Inno Aluclean Wash by Innovente Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Alkaline Washing Solution For Aluminum Surfaces - Inno Aluclean Wash is ready to use biodegradable aluminium washing solution. It cleans, degrease and remove aluminium extrusions. Inno Aluclean Wash unique formulation is designed for routine maintenance of all aluminium surfaces. inno Aluclean is a economical washing solution that makes aluminium washing easy.

Inno Omniclean by Innovente Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Biodegradable Cleaner (non Acidic) - Inno Omniclean is a biodegradable cleaning detergent.It cleans, degrease and keeps treated surface stay clean longer than ordinary detergent. Its unique ion-reactive ingredients are formulated to improve cleaning performance at the same time reduce time, resource and cost.

Rewah Aquapox VL Matt by Rewah

Water Base Pigmented Epoxy Coating - water base epoxy coatings

Rewah Aquasil RS8 by Rewah

Water Base Siloxane Coating - water base clear siloxane repellent

Rewah TensiocoatTQ (Low VOC - 032-036) by Rewah

Water Base Hybrid Silane Coating - water base hybrid silane coating Tested Low VOC and listed with Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (ID- 032-036)

Safetrack hw by Stirling Lloyd

Type 1 Certified BBA/HAPAS High Friction Surfacing - Highway road MMA road surfacing

Sunflex by Innovente

IR Reflection & Thermal Moderating Coating - SunfleXTM is designed as an effective Infra-red reflection and thermal-moderatingTM coating, functioning as an insulation medium to moderate temperature migration between coated area and its environment. SunfleX a low V.O.C. product that complies with SEC & SGBC green paint criteria. It keeps building cool in warm climate and warmth in cool climate. Thus helps reduce electricity consume by air-conditioner or heater.


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