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Innovative Fire Protection

Despite numerous safety measures, fire is still without doubt the most common risk to buildings. Fire protection is divided into two broad categories - these are described as active and proactive (or passive) systems.

While active measures are those consisting of sprinklers and alarms requiring electricity and water to realise their full potential in a fire situation, passive fire protection systems on the other hand do not need power or water to operate in an event of fire.

A passive fire protection system insulates a structure and prevents the building from collapsing or preventing the fire from spreading beyond the compartment of origin. They are designed and built into the structure to protect “on demand” and become an important aspect to structural fire protection for safety in buildings.

Innovente through its association with Promat is able to provide technical advice and the application of a variety of fire protection systems to suit the requirements of architects, engineers and consultants in their structural designs.

Fire Protection Products & Systems

Our range of Intumescent Coating Systems, Spray-applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) & Spray-applied Acoustical Material (SAM) are formulated and manufactured by Promat.

Innovente Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is proud to be an authorised supplier and installer for this range of market leading products. Besides using SFRM as a fire protection material, it is also commonly used as acoustical and thermal insulation material in construction. A complete range of Intumescent, SFRM and SAM products are available for both interior and exterior construction use.

Innovente has a team of professionally trained and experienced engineers, supervisors, quality inspectors and applicators to provide product design, and services to install this comprehensive range of materials effectively and efficiently. The company has a unique quality assurance policy to ensure that all installations are done with compliance to product requirements, respective governing standards and specifications set by different regulatory bodies.


Cafco 300 by Promat

Water Base Vermiculite Spray Grade - water base vermiculite spray grade

Cafco CP2 by Promat

Water Base Vermiculite Spray Grade - water base vermiculite spray grade

Cafco Fendolite MII by Cafco

Water Base Vermiculite Spray Grade - water base vermiculite spray grade

Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 by Promat

Green Label Intumescent Coating - Promat Cafco Sprayfilm WB3 is gaining wide support and rapid acceptance being the environmental friendly Intumescent coating. It is use in various types of construction projects including Residential, Hotel, School, Stadium, Mechanised Car Park, Shopping Mall, and so on.

Intumex AC by Intumex Asia Pacific

Water Based Ablative Cable Coating - Intumex® AC is a water based ablative cable coating designed for the fire protection of single cables and cable bundles. It is fully tested and certified as “FM approved product” applicable for both vertical and horizontal cable ways against spread of fire. Intumex® AC is used widely for prevention of fire spreading along cable ways in Power Plant, Sub-station, Switch rooms, Utilities facility and many more. Together with other products from Cafco, Intumex and Promat, we provide complete solutions for prevention and protection against potential fire hazard.

Intumex AX by Intumex

Electrical Switchbox Intumescent (Approved Product) - Intumex AX, intumescent solution design for all types of switch boxes.


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